PowerON Services, Inc. - LogisticsWhy PowerON?

Established in 1994, PowerON has a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals on staff to create the customized takeback solutions that fits your specific corporate needs and requirements. I could write paragraphs here explaining how awesome we are, and how simple we make things for our clients - it's our corporate website after all - but why waste your valuable time. The fact is, we don't advertise much, so you are probably researching our company because you already know what we are capable of and you want to partner with the best - or geez, if you did just get your "Google" on and found us by luck - my bad. Give us a call to quickly realize how doing business with PowerON is truly a refreshingly different experience!

Our services include a comprehensive list of product life cycle management choices including:

Highlighted Services:
  • Auditing - In-house and hands on product verification
  • Warehousing - Secure Product Storage
  • Complete Logistics Management Choices
  • Meticulous Process Documenting & Support
  • Full-Service Process Management Options
  • Pain-free, Simplified Recall Management Programs
  • Turn-Key, Client Branded Trade-In Management Services
  • Superior Product Testing & Repair Solutions
  • Certified Data Destruction You Can Trust
  • Successful, Targeted Excess Inventory Re-marketing Programs
  • Parts Reclamation Solutions That Improve Profitability
  • Accurate Product Sorting Solutions
  • Customized Detailed Reporting
  • Environmentally Friendly Recycling Strategies