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We manage every part of the take back process for you....
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PowerON specializes in the return of product for the best companies in the world, our clients. So whatever the reason you want to Takeback product, we can make it happen. Takeback - aka Trade-ins, returns and recalls all function pretty much the same way and it's this process that we manage better than anyone else.

PowerON Services Inc. provides our Fortune 500 customers with ”turn-key” branded product Trade-in solutions for their Consumer Direct Accounts, Educational Accounts, Small Business Accounts and Enterprise Accounts. PowerON’s team has the experience and professionalism to work directly with our client’s customers to complete a Trade-in transaction or we can provide a completely automated back-end quote process that includes training and process support, which allows our clients to run their own “in house” branded trade-in program. PowerON will custom tailor programs to meet our client’s sales process flow and match any branded look and feel requirements requested.

In today’s business environment, it is important to develop relationship-marketing programs that emphasize customer retention and continual brand satisfaction as part of the overall business plan. Many of the services provided by PowerON Services Inc. are relationship-marketing tools utilized by our Fortune 500 clients to increase Customer Retention of existing customers.

Highlighted Services:
  • Completely customizable to your organization’s specific needs
  • Client branded and designed to increase brand loyalty
  • Include a sophisticated, integrated pricing agent
  • Integrated, easy to use customer support systems
  • Real time visibility
  • Automated email alert system
  • Freight insurance